New Housemate, New Life!

Friendship is a most beautiful thing happened to human being. We all meet some people with whom we never had a kinship, but they become so special in our life that it becomes hard to live without them. Let us see some points we should consider while playing a role in friendship. Many poets have described friendship as one of the most fascinating bond we ever make in our life. It’s the most beautiful thing that happens to us.

Lama xupdate….. Busy, Malas, sume ada~~

Skang da msk short sem yg sgt short~~ T^T

Forget the bitter part… The best part is…

I’ve got new housemate! lalalala….

Jom tgk sapa yg bertuah tuh (bertuah ker??)

Ni Eken n Wana~~

Ni plak Hanis n Nisa! 😛

Alamak! Sorry Qilah, nisa xde gambar kamu~~ T^T

My housemates ada 5 org (termasuk me)… sume best2~~

Nothing much to say~~

Sahabat Dunia Akhirat.. Amin!

And this is for YOU!

That’s all…. Lastly,

Bye bye….

p/s : Happy Birthday Eken!



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