Doctors are healer only?

Nawaitu = niat~~

ptg td, as usual, we have CST class….

and, as usual, Dr Hazyan will motivated us with her stories and make me muhasabah diri sumtimes….

and today, she did remind and make me realize that nawaitu is the most important thing to be doctor…

some of us (medical student or even houseman), is dying to do brain tumor operation, cardiac bypass and so on…

but did we realize, as we dying want to do it, eventually we WANT PEOPLE TO SICK!

we don’t want to suffer from brain tumor, heart attack or appendicitis, and yet, we want to do that kind of operation…

can u imagine if our family members suffering from those disease?

will u happy up to the sky for get the chance to do the surgery?

Dr Hazyan makes me realize that doctor is not all about HEALING, but also PREVENTING disease from occur…

so, do what we can do to make people’s life much more better and pray for them!

What Dr Hazyan told us is make sense as a human being….

Besides that, she reminds us about Doctor¬†Professionalism, where Ethics is the big concern here…

Confidentiality is most important in dealing with patient…

Think many times before doing something to the patient, because they can interpret it on the other way...

This is in my opinion…

and, YES, i do agree with what Dr Hazyan said and Insyaallah, i’ll be the doctor who will heal and prevent!


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