KyuHyun – PQOT’s…

hah, ari tu da dok cite psl Kim Hyun Joong…

ari ni nk cite psl Kyuhyun plak…

siapa die?

Name: Jo Kyu Hyun (조규현)

Birthday: 02-03-1988

He is a Korean pop singer. He is the last member to join the super boy band Super Junior, and is considered as one of the four lead vocalists of the group.He is also a member Super Junior-K.R.Y and Super Junior-M , two subgroups that are branched out from the main group.He is one of the first Korean artists to appear on Chinese postage stamps.

1st mende yg anis prasan psl dia ni kan, dia penah msk kuar hpstl several times… xcaya? jom tgk!

Ear Operation

Kyuhyun had ear problems due to an middle ear infection he had in High School. Finally deciding to do something about it he went for surgery to repair the damage during Super Junior’s Bonamana promotions. While Super Junior was performing onstage Kyuhyun was in the hospital recovering from the surgery. He participated in Bonamana’s first few stages but could not participate in all. Kyuhyun was away while Donghae, Leeteuk and Sungmin sang his solo parts in Bonamana. Luckily, he recovered and sang a remixed version of Bonamana with fellow Super Junior members – Donghae, Yesung, Sungmin and Ryeowook and aired on Youtube on June 23, 2010. Announcements said that Kyuhyun was going to be back onstage for Bonamana’s goodbye stage on June 25, 2010

April Car Accident

In the early morning of April 19, 2007, just one month before Kyuhyun’s first anniversary in Super Junior, Kyuhyun with Super Junior members Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and two managers were all hospitalized due to a serious car accident when returning from the Super Junior Kiss the Radio show that night. The driver lost control of the vehicle as the van flipped over on its right side.[3] Kyuhyun, who was sitting behind the driver’s seat when the accident occurred, was the most injured and had a fractured hip, pneumothorax from broken ribs, and facial scratches and bruises.He was slipping in and out of consciousness and was mute because of the shock.Kyuhyun spent 6 days in the ICU before he was moved to a regular hospital room. Kyuhyun also did not need the respiratory machine anymore to support his breathing, though it was said that he was only able to walk on his own one month after the accident.Kyuhyun was discharged on July 5, 2007 after 78 days.

Due to the accident, throughout 2007, Kyuhyun’s participation in many of Super Junior‘s activities was limited. He appeared in episode 7 onwards of SBS’s Explorers of the Human Body, however his injuries only allowed him to compete in some activities. A noticeable event that occurred shortly during his recovery was Kyuhyun’s guest appearance on the October 13, 2007 edition of Star King, in which he performed a duet of A Whole New World with Charice Pempengco. Despite still recovery from his injuries, Kyuhyun wowed the audience with his mind-blowing vocals

so, pqot da janji da… nanti klo Kyuhyun dtg Msia, dia nk in charge kat A&E… hahaha!

lawak la pqot nih..

ada this one song nih yg anis rasa suka pulak dgr~~

k la pqot, akak da xtau nk tulis apa nih…

kira slesai la hutang ea..


(p/s: i tetap luv Kim Hyun Joong jgk.. haha!)




    kyun suke sgt dok dlm hospital… rumah kedua die agaknye… da la magnae i ni sgt pale… kkdg cm anemic pn ade… huhu…. tp bahye kalo die msk a&e, nnt i tinggal patient2 i yg len n trus lyn die… pastu nk amek history ktrg kn dok dlm bilik sesame…. hahahahahahahaha…. die penyakit i… ngokngekngokngek

    lirik lagu 7 yrs of love tu senanye sgt sedey… 😦 kyun ble kamu nk buat lagu happy2?? heishhhh >.<

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