KHJ induced psychosis~


Kim Hyun Joong (KHJ) -induced pyschosis is a phenomenon not triggered by full moon nor any addicting drugs known to mankind affecting mostly women from all ages worldwide! It is the result of an excessive fanfare devotion to actor/singer Kim Hyun Joong brought by increased exposure to watching, reading, listening and dreaming about KHJ.

Watching his latest Korean drama called Playful Kiss (PK) where he plays Beunk Soong Jo, currently shown in Youtube ; Ji hoo in Boys over flower (BOF); himself in the reality TV show We Got Married (WGM), and listening to his countless hit songs could further result to more recognizable signs and symptoms namely insomnia (due to excessive online KHJ stalking); confusion (resulting from insomnia); and minor functional deficits such as unable to work (due to exhaustion from online stalking), delirium ( due to too much KHJ fever!!) and moments of delusional grandeur especially when he charms his subjects using his wicked smile, singing talent, dancing moves and yes, that famous “rain kiss”!

Famous withdrawal symptoms also include hand tremors (from excessive computer contact) and episodes of catatonic state with periods of apnea from witnessing his sexy smiles (CPR please!!)!
Further, extreme exposure to KHJ can cause unprovoked yelling, howling, crying, rage (sometimes) and unexplained happiness –all in one mix! Whew!

Management of symptoms include joining KHJ anonymous group for daily/weekly chitchats and discussions; further online stalking; attending his fan club meetings and subscribing to Kathy’s Bench for updated KHJ blogs! No known cure is available at the moment however when symptoms persist, please consult your doctor!

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