Exam (lagi)

as usual, mcm biasa, xm lg!

(thanx mr.worm.. but this did’nt apply to medical student la!)

ok fine, aku tau aku xm every week…

(reverse osmosis???)

ni tgh cite psl FINAL EXAM for reproductive exam…

mcm biasa, stress memanjang…

(think positive!)

pening kpala xsurut2…

petang2 kne tido sbb pening..

(it did feel like this!)

hurm, cpt lah baik….

jumaat ni nk final!

(eh, eh.. don’t do this… xbek~)

xde mende nk cite sbnrnye…

nway, gud luq cucms-ian!


p/s : aku benci org yg bermuka2~

oh, cptlah mslh2 cucumas selesai.. amin!

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