Expectation –> Frustration…


If you expect too much, you will be frustrated. If you don’t want to be frustrated, don’t expect. Live without expectations and there will be no frustration.

But people go on expecting; then frustration comes in — frustration is the shadow of expectation. When you feel frustrated you think that existence is doing something wrong to you. Any asking is asking too much. Don’t ask, be. And then you will be surprised — whatsoever happens is good; you have no way to judge it

-The Divine Melody, Osho International Foundation. http://www.osho.com-

but, i do agree with this one~


so, what say u?

anis da rasa SGT SGT SGT penat expect itu dan ini dr org…

sbb menda yg di’expect’ tuh,  XPERNAH terjadi…

ending dia, anis gak yg FRUST…


so, anis tak akan berenti meng’expect… tp anis akan kurangkan expectation… dat’s better kot~



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