First day of Posting..


lama xupdate dgn bersungguh2….

minat tuh da xde.. eh eh bukan… da kurang.. 🙂

mcm korg tau, skang posting paeds…

harini for the FIRST TIME ever, clerk a REAL patient…

before this dpt simulated patient (actor/actress)

SANGAT EXCITED…. manage to clerk 2 patient…

even penyakit dieorg too high/complicated for me to clerk, tp, at least da tahu how to communicate with the parents…

ternyata, dieorg ok n membantu… THANX!

harap2 sok dpt clerk patient with sakit biasa2 je.. flu ke fever ke cough ker..

xmo complicated sgt.. sbb xtau nk tny apa.. 🙂

xsempat jumpa/main with the kids sbb dieorg tgh tido time dok interview mak dorg.. 😦

xpe2, lama lg kan kat sana… hav to use time efficiently!

td, Dr Noorizan ckp, keje doctor ni asyik busybody…

kene la busybody, br leh collect info n interprete it kan?

so, kpd mak mak n ayah ayah, do cooperate with us k.. 🙂


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