Clerk clerk clerk…

ok, hari ni ada semangat nk update blog…


skang, asal mks ward je, tujuannye cuma JUMPA PARENTS and PATIENT….

w/pun msh prob with nk approach2 pt nih, tp manage jugak la dptkan bbrp history..

pagi td dpt new n interesting cases… rare cases… first in Malaysia…

Tay-Sachs Disease…

nk tau? click

parents dia sgt redha n pasrah dgn anak dia.. dlm masa yg sama, still find solution utk anak dia, even specialist kata no cure for the disease…

beliau even offer us utk buat research kat anak dia, since ni very very very rare case…

smoga Allah memberkati keluarga pak cik sekeluarga.. amin…

Baby with jaundice

hurm… mlm td, time oncall, jumpa patient with suspected G6PD deficiency…

dtg dgn neonatal jaundice….

apa tuh? hah, nah

parents sgt sgt sgt cooperative….

even dia tahu kami medical student, dia panggil kami DOCTOR….

sgt sgt sgt terharu.. 😛

first REAL PATIENT yg call us doctor n even thank us… sedangkan we done nothing.. 

harap2, baby tuh cepat sembuh.. amin….



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