Spaghetti with meat balls..


Ingredients :

(a)    For spaghetti

300 g spaghetti

1 L (5 cups) water

 (b)   For meat ball

150 g minced chicken

100 g breadcrumbs (optional)

60 g (1) egg

90 g (1) onion, diced

30 g (4 pips) garlic, chopped

3 g (1 tsp) parsley (optional)

3 g (1 tsp) ground black pepper

Salt to taste

(c)    For spaghetti sauce

750 g (5) tomatoes (discard skin), diced

180 g (2) onions, diced

30 g (4 pips) garlic, chopped

150 g (⅟₂ cup) tomato sauce/puree

30 g (2 tbsps) brown sugar

3 g (1 tsp) oregano

3 g (1 tsp) salt

20 g (2 tbsps) vegetable oil

50 g cheese, diced

450 ml (2 ⅟₂ cups) water

6 g (2 tsps) ground black pepper


(a)    To prepare spaghetti

1-      Bring water to boil, add spaghetti and allow to cook for 20 minutes.

2-      Drain and place under running water for a few seconds.

 (b)   To prepare meat balls

1-      Mix all ingredients. Shape into small balls

2-      Bake in an oven at 170 °C for 30 minutes or steam in boiling water until cooked

                Note : Breadcrumbs can be made from bread pieces which are then toasted until crisp

(c)    To prepare spaghetti sauce

1-      Saute onion and garlic. Stir for a few minutes

2-      Add tomatoes, tomato sauce/puree, brown sugar, salt, black pepper, oregano and water.

3-      Bring to boil. When cooked, lower the heat. Add cheese and mix well.

4-      Add meat balls to sauce.

Nutritional Content Per Serving

Calorie                            416 kcal

Fat                                     14 g

Protein                              28 g

Cholesterol                      46 mg

Calcium                          238 mg

Iron                                  6.5 mg

 Nutritional Advice :

1-      This recipe is suitable for individuals who would like a diversion from everyday-food.

2-      This dish is high in complex carbohydrate and low in fat.

3-      For individuals who might want to increase fibre intake or who are vegetarians, use legumes such as horsegram and dhall to prepare the meatballs

4-      This dish can be served with a salad to further increase its nutritional value.

enjoy! 🙂



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