rindu sesgt~

xsuka sungguh, bila bgn2 tido, rasa sgt rindu….

sgt sgt sgt….

yg sedihnya, bila xtahu rindu pd siapa….

cr nk tahu, kne eliminate one by one differential diagnosis dia..

kne tepon mak, atta, ain, kerol, kamarul, mira…


akrsakrdkklgb …😦

ok ok ok… hate it the most….


cuba tgk gmbr bwh nih.. sgt best!

a very very very good fren will listen to ur drama..

not arguing or let u down when u’re sad….

drama is when u feeling like nk gedik2…

bila sedih, drama tuh da xde dah…

cuba la faham sikit..

haish sengal!

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