seriusly, personally, sgt xsuka bab urinary system..

sgt complicated… dgn negative feedbacknye.. 

CRF (chronic renal failure) rasanya plg senang nk cite.. sbb asymptomatic….

just tgk investigation, n u’ll know…

tp tp tp…. nk justify tuh, punya pening melilau berserabut otak nk fikir….

lg menambahkan disaster, bila kne present TBL dgn Prof R yg sgt garang.. T_T

he would not satisfied even seberapa hebat pon u present…

klo dr positive view, mmg bgus…

sgt mengajar kita utk menjadi ‘detective’ yg sgt bgs…

tp tp tp (alasan!), sy takut!!! waaa…… 😦

wish me luq for today’s presentation..



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