Obesity and Diseases~

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Brain and heart : Obesity is associated with increase in bad cholesterol. Disposition of fat (consist of cholesterol and fat), which we call plaque, at the wall of the vessels, decrease the blood flow to and from the heart. Eventually, patient will have high blood pressure or hypertension. This plaque that increasing in size, will block the vessels and leads to heart attack. This plaque also can develops in the brain’s blood vessels and cause stroke.

Varicose vein (leg) : Veins have valves. This valves functions as ‘door’ to avoid backflow of blood. Things that put pressure on leg, such as overweight, will cause poorly functioning valve.

Liver : Fat usually accumulates at under skin and liver. Normal fat accumulation would not cause medical problems. People with excessive fat in the liver, will have fatty liver. The liver may become enlarge and eventually, makes the liver develops scar tissue. It is called liver cirrhosis.

Kidney : Obesity increases renal excretion of calcium and uric acid, as well as urine acidity, and this in turn increases the risk of stone formation. High blood pressure makes the heart works harder. Blood vessels in the kidney, which is very small, can be damage and cause end stage renal disease. This will makes the kidney cannot remove extra fluids and waste from the body and eventually make the blood pressure even higher.

Gallbladder : Majority gallstone are consist of cholesterol. Stone occurs because bile contains too much cholesterol and not enough bile salts. One of the risk factors is obesity which have increase level of cholesterol. The presence of gallstone increases the risk to develops gallbladder cancer.

Ovaries : Girls who is overweight, might have elevated testosterone (male hormone) levels in the bloods. Increase in testosterone may interfere in ovulation (egg release from the ovaries) and may develops male features (excessive hair growth and male-baldness). This also may leads to fertility.

Pancreas : Excessive body fat, make the insulin less effective for getting glucose into the cells. It makes the body needs more insulin to maintain normal blood sugar.  This makes the patient develops insulin resistance or Diabetes (high blood sugar)

Breast : Fat tissue will secretes oestrogen, which is the main cause of breast cancer.

Joint : Tear of the joint can leads to inflammation which can cause arthritis especially at ankles, hips and knees. This happens due to carrying extra weight.

Windpipe (snoring) : Obesity people also have fat accumulation at the neck and throat area. This will makes the muscle surrounding the windpipe to be displaced. The windpipe becomes narrower and creating the sounds of snoring while sleeping.

Armpit (sweating) : Obesity people have large body surface area. So, obesity people usually have more sweat glands, thus leads to more sweating. Increase in body works or activity also leads to excessive sweating in obesity people.





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  1. Varicose veins refer to the enlarged veins which mostly occur on the leg even though they can also occur in other areas of the body. Veins are used to return the blood back to the heart which is normally against the gravity effects. Veins have the valves called leaflets which help in preventing the blood from flowing back, a process commonly known as reflux. When the veins are varicose the valves are enable to function well allowing the blood to flow backwards hence enlarging the veins further. This can cause pain when standing or walking and sometimes one can feel itchy. Varicose vein symptoms are swelling, tiredness, pain walking and standing, heaviness and muscle cramp. Other symptoms are spider veins seen in the leg, discoloration of the skin normally shiny bluish and many others. ;

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