respect others first, sblm minta org respect kamu….

apa yg kita suka, xsemestinya org lain pon suka….

so, respect feeling org lain, don’t condemn!

haish~ simple nih pon xtahu ek?

pity u~


meh baca sini..

‎”Respect my feelings, my life, my doing. Respect how I am, who I may. Respect what I find what I think, what I say. How I dress, where I work, what I stand for and fight for. Respect what I choose, all is my choice not yours. Respect my appearance, whatever you see. I wear what I like, that`s who I am. I change for no one. You find that probably strange, really stupid and weird. But I am who I want to be and whatever I love, Respect how I am, then I’ll do that for you too!”

– Harriet Morgan –



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