baby baby baby..

salam semua! 🙂

tetiap hari tgk baby…

wonderful and great and awesome feeling…



dpt tgk byk patient yg time 3rd year xtgk pon…

smalam dpt tgk patient yg ter’deliver’ baby dlm kete….

td dpt tgk normal delivery of twin pregnancy…

alhamdullillah for the opportunity…

looking forward for much more great experience.. 🙂

time posting kt labour room nih, br dpt rasa sebenar2 pengorbanan seorg mak…

i love u mom!

giving birth is not a simple procedure…

it involves pain, emotions and embarrassment…

tau x org nk bersalin tuh ambik masa ber-jam2??

like SGT SGT SGT lama….


so, hargailah ibu anda.. 🙂

besides that, dpt jgk tgk husband yg sweet2… 😛


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