SoMe wOrDs….


I am a simple and ordinary girl, who wants to be a successful Muslimah Doctor~~

Writing is not my interest, but reading is my passion…

This blog is created, so that i can share some sweet and valuable moment with u guyz out there~~

Besides that, i’ll serve u some important and interesting information about medical life… Insyaallah~~

Do read my blog and leave me a comment ya!

I’ll wait for it!





  1. erk.. pergh… x sangke ko dah maju .. sejak 2008 lg tuh ko ade blog..
    blog ko sangat berinformasi..
    walopon aku act x paham pon mende yg ko post.. coz hehe.. aku kan bdak blum blaja lg..
    xpe.. pasnie aku akan slalu2 jenguk blog mu..
    hehehehe… nyway.. lawa ah blog ko.. kalo kaler pink.. pergh…. sesuai ngan mu…

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