Alhamdulillah, thumma Alhamdulillah…

I’ve passed my Final Professional Exam!!

which means, i’ve finally finished my MBBS…..

and my medical school!

Alhamdulillah… 🙂


I dedicate this achievement and my deepest gratitude to :


1) my dear hero, Kamaladin Samsudin for ur support, encouraging words and endless love….

2) to my beauty queen, Ashirah Ramlahfor ur love. sacrifices and all the hardwork u’ve done for me..

3) To my dearest siblings, Kamaliyana Kamaladin SamsudinKhairul AzharKamarul Anwarand MiRa KamaLia, for ur sacrifices and support….

4) to my beloved encik suami, Arshad Syahali, for ur tunjuk ajar, love, support and kesabaran to handle me when i’m stressed out..  


5) to Cucu2 Samsudin yg tlg doakan…


 6) Not to forget, to my respected lecturers, Prof Abdul Latiff, Dr Nor Shuhaila Shahril, Mr Ahmed Awil Adam, Dr Zafri HelmiDrnoor Azizah Tahir Lubis, DrNorlehan Abdul Samad, Prof Abumuttaqin Ahmad for ur endless effort, support and encouraging words…

7) to my dearest crazy friends, Rafiq Razak,Aqilah Ilham and Najmul Aufa, for the love, craziness and experience…  


8) to my housemates, for all ur kindness and halalkan makan minum yo!

9) to all my not-so-crazy friends, for the support and friendship..  

doakan semoga anis dpt pikul amanah yg Allah bg nih dgn baik.. amin..

Finally, it is not a dream anymore.. it is my achievement… Alhamdulillah….

what should i do now?


plz doakan k… 🙂


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